Winter Roof Repair: Knowing The Why, Who, and How!

Your roof works hard to protect you from the hazards of the great outdoors. Falling debris, inclement weather, and harsh temperatures must all answer to your roof as the first line of defense before they make contact with you directly. 

Think of your roof as your own personal bodyguard. It literally works in tandem with the rest of your home’s structure to, well… guard your body! Every home needs a reliable roof, and furthermore, you deserve to feel safe in your home, condo, or residential property. As the seasons begin to change, it’s only a matter of time before crisp fall air turns into chilly winter. Now’s the time to take care of your roof with winter roof repair so that it is able to stand firm between you and the elements all year long.

A Series of Unfortunate Events? Or Poor Winter Roof Repair Planning?

When you think of the winter months, what are some of the first things that come to mind? Snow? Ice? Frigid temperatures? Maybe even a mix of all three! Because of this, winter is the time of year when everything and everyone hibernates, including us. Though our methods aren’t as intense as bears storing up and packing on the pounds, we do often enjoy the simple comforts of staying in with the heat on or the fire going as the winter rages outdoors. We throw on holiday films and snuggle in tight letting our roofs do all of the protective work. 

Now picture this: you’re resting by the fire, hot chocolate in hand and soup on the stove when suddenly a dense pack of ice collapses in through a hole in your roof. Wood and debris become scattered about your living space, and harsh winds come rushing in. Your thermostat is no match for the onslaught of inclement weather and soon breaks down, and your soup on the stove and hot chocolate grow cold. You now have to pay thousands of dollars to fix the fireplace, the roof, and the thermostat. What a tough break! Is this a series of unfortunate events or poor planning? 

Check out our list of proper preparation tips below so this doesn’t happen to you!

Tips To Prepare Your Roof For Winter

  1. Check Your Roofline – Your roofline is supposed to be just that, a line! If it’s curving, dipping, sagging, or altered in any way, contact your local professionals immediately for necessary winter roof repair. This can be a sign of weak and rotten wood which poses major structural integrity concerns. Especially heading into the winter months when packed ice settles and rests heavily on your rooftops.
  2. Cut Back Trees – The last thing you need this winter is a fallen tree damaging your roof. Though we do handle insurance claims, save yourself the hassle of additional winter roof repair by cutting your trees back.
  3. Remove Debris – Fallen debris can settle into and clog your gutters, puncture your shingles, and more! We recommend a professional roof cleaning to remove debris and give your home a clean slate for winter. Accumulating matter on your rooftop is only a matter of time before an imminent roof collapse.
  4. Have Your Roof Professionally Inspected – Never hesitate to contact the professionals. The simple fact is that we are trained to notice things that others may miss or disregard. Allow us to diagnose your roof and administer prompt winter roof repair before damages occur.
  5. Look For Signs Of Water Damage – If you notice water spots, mold, algae, or growth on your ceilings or in your attic, chances are that you have a roof leak. Rectify leaks immediately by giving us a call for winter roof repair!
  6. Clean Your Gutters – Clogged gutters don’t allow for proper runoff and drainage. This poses a problem for packed ice, snow, and debris. You don’t want those things weighing down your roof in the winter when materials are more subject to freeze and crack under extreme temperatures. 

Schedule Your Winter Roof Repair Appointment With Bull Roofing!

Want to get your roof in order for the winter, but don’t know where to start? Bull Roofing is here to help! We provide exceptional family-friendly roofing solutions in service areas near you! Whether you need a new roof installation, roof replacement, seasonal inspections, roof repair, roof cleaning, or assistance with your insurance claim, Bull Roofing has you covered. Call our service team today!

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