Allow Roof Cleaning To Be Your Guide Throughout Each Season in Buford, GA

roof cleaning

Want to keep your roof looking great? That may feel impossible depending on the amount of overhanging trees that occupy your property. Roof cleaning is your answer!

Roof cleaning is essentially pressure washing for the entire roof, and instantly removes stains, damaging vegetation, and restores your home to look brand new. We love offering roof cleaning because it adds years to your roof, regulates your home’s energy, and adds curb appeal to your home. If you are considering selling your home, a well-maintained and clean roof may just be the selling point you need!

1. Understand the Climate Where You and Your Home Are Settled In

If you are new to the state of Georgia, welcome! There are pros and cons to living in a state that experiences four seasons. The state of Georgia endures a mild, yet usually painful winter for Southern folk (thank you humidity!) and a hot, uncomfortable summer (also humidity). And we certainly don’t foresee us turning into a “one-season year-round” state like California anytime soon (the reason for that is something that is way off-topic for a professional roof replacement blog!). Thus, homeowners need a secured roof built with the appropriate materials that can adapt to sub-zero temperatures, tropical-like rainfall, blistering sun rays, and abnormal winds. 

The best thing homeowners can do for their homes is be equipped with the necessary materials, tools, and knowledge that can make their exterior not just survive, but thrive, throughout each mother nature event that is thrown our way. 

2. Roof Cleaning Is A Clean Slate For Your Home

Feel like a new year, new you, and new roof every time we provide professional roof cleaning for your home near Buford, GA. Something to know before winter ends is to get rid of all the fallen debris, like the layers of leaves and branches from around the chimney, windows, skylights, and your roof’s crevices. Our team of roofing professionals at Bull Roofing are here to help you with that and provide a clean slate for your home.  

While your roof can handle fluctuating temperatures along with a very wet or dry season, the elements that come along with fall and winter have accumulated. You can imagine the lovely nesting grounds for critters and growing moss or algae as temperatures rise again. Stop those eye sores in their tracks with regular roof cleaning! 

Is your home susceptible to algae, moss, or fungi? Unchecked build-up will ultimately cause the shingle’s edges to lift and curl, which is the perfect entry point for water to seep through. 

Research if your home is more prone to moisture. Annual, or regular roof cleaning will prevent vegetation from growing on your roof, and from eating away your roof’s shingles. 

4. Enjoy Energy-Efficiency 

You can work fluctuating temperatures to your advantage with a clean roof, void of any algae, moss, and fungi. The stains that take away from your home’s curb appeal also impact your home’s ability to heat or cool down. Did you know algae absorbs heat while clean and streak-free shingles reflect heat?  

Once we’re done with your roof cleaning, your roof becomes an effective barrier to maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home against the rising temperatures outside.

Request a Certified Professional For Your Roof Cleaning

We don’t advise you to get started on roof cleaning all by yourself! Our Bull Roofing professionals are here to work with your schedule, and clean out those hard-to-reach places effectively and efficiently. Roof cleaning is a method that can add years to your roof and get rid of those black and green stains that hurt curb appeal. See why many homeowners invest in annual roof cleaning, get ahead of roof damage, and schedule with our team today. 

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