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Call for Your Free Estimate

Bull Roofing is here to cater to all your roofing needs. We specialize in storm damage, interior and exterior damage, as well as new roof construction.

We also offer insulation and ventilation services. We will partner with you to make sure you have a complete roofing system that will work for you and your type of home.  We are also licensed and insured for your protection and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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“How Do I know If I Need a New Roof?”

Leakage in the attic after heavy rain, Leakage in the attic after ice build up, Blistering and/or peeling of interior and/or exterior paint, Stains on interior ceilings and walls or mold and mildew growth, Exterior decay of the sheathing and/or siding, Missing, cracked  or curled shingles, Dark, dirty-looking areas on your roof and Excessive energy costs.

We proudly use GAF residential roofing shingles on all of our projects.  Many of the the styles have a limited lifetime warranty.  We can go through all of the various options and colors with you to find the best fit for your budget and your home.

Have a question?

Click here to complete our online contact request form and we will get back to you within the next business day.  Or feel free to call 678-714-9331.

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Shingle Styles and Colors

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